Friday, December 25, 2009



NARS eyeshadows

NARS blushers

It is here where i store my makeup

as you can see i keep them in a drawer with lock? well that is how i want to keep them. my two boys said to me once," mom, why do you need to have so much makeup, handbags/ purses,clothes, shoes?" and i just told them, "it is a girl thing that you'll never understand", lol!!! love my boys....

these are my old pics of my makeup collection,most of them are from NARS and Mac. i also got some from CHANEL, LAURA MERCIER, Smachbox and many other brands. Makeup is my recent obssession which i wish i knew when im in my high school and college days. Specifically, i love NARS' blushes and from MAC their brushes, eyeshadows,paintpots, skincare, lippies and everything...

im planning to get more from CHANEL, but also, im wondering why i dont own a single thing from SHU UEMURA,DID I SPELL IT RIGHT?? ( i only have their famous eyelash curler) what do you think? CHANEL OR SHU?

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