Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Collective Haul

Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all well.

Time flies so fast that i could'nt believe that  it is going to be September tomorrow, my birthday month, yay!!! im just so excited, i love birthdays.

Been so busy with work and family that i was'nt able to update my blog as much as i want to. But now i have a haul post for you guys. This is a collective haul, meaning, i did'nt get all these things in 1 day. Just saying.

Clothes - nowadays, i've been buying clothes more, and that is because some shops are still having a Sale and i could'nt resist to pass, much better than paying full price,lol. I love discounted items so i get to buy more, ha ha. But i also bought some clothes that are in regular price. Recently into nautical look, so can you spot stripes?

1) PROMOD striped tee Php 1,295 SM MEGAMALL 2) UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Php 1,495 SM MEGAMALL 3) ZARA basics Php 995 RUSTAN'S SHANGRI LA PLAZA MALL 4) Kamiseta cardigan Php 1,499 SM MEGAMALL 5) ZARA 100% silk button down shirt originally priced at Php 3,950,got it on sale for Sale Php 1,990 RUSTANS SHANGRI LA PLAZA MALL

SHOES - i currently inlove with my first Kenneth Cole shoes/flats that i bought. It is so comfy that i use it every single day so i bought a new one. Sadly, this one is not that comfortable as my first, but i can deal with that.

KENNETH COLE Reaction originally Php 2,950 got it on SALE for Php 1,650 from Rustan's Shangri la Plaza Mall

CLINIQUE AND DENTISTE -- just my usual moisturizer, run out so must get a new one asap. Im loving this toothpaste so much that i must try their mouthwash too.

CLINIQUE Dramatically Difference PHP 2,400 ; DENTISTE Toothpaste with toothbrush Php 210 (not exactly sure), DENTISTE mouthwash Php 350 (not exactly sure). All from Rustan's Shangri la Dept. Store

... and my most recent purchase which is making me happy lately

MICHAEL KORS Watch  -- been waiting for this specific model, finally i got it. A birthday treat for myself.

MICHAEL KORS 5055 Gold tone watch Php 20,290 with 10% discount Php 18,261. RUSTANS SHANGRI LA PLAZA MALL (DEPT. STORE)

whewww! i must stay at home for awhile.

I really miss my blog.Would really try to post often as much as possible.

Have a great day everyone. Dont forget to smile.              

hearts, jeng

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Splurge vs Save

I would like to start this kind of post wherein i will feature two similar items.
Two similar items but different in price tag.
it is up to you to choose.
will you Splurge or Save?

unto our first product feature.

A red square bag.


I saw this photo of  Mary Kate Olsen ( or could be Ashley) from carrying a very eyecathing bag. It says that it is from their very own brand, The Row, that costs a whopping $4000. The bag is said to be  made of  ostrich leather. 


When i went to ZARA, i luckily saw this bag (last piece they have). I instantly remembered the photo of Olsen (above).This bag is made of synthetic leather.  I am just so thrilled when i saw the price tag. Originally price Php 3,490 or around $80, but it is on sale so i got it for only Php1690 or $39. Awesome.

So the question is, Splurge or Save?

Have a great day,everyone.                                                hearts, jeng

Zara and MAC HAUL

Hi everyone!

So i went back to Zara yesterday to get some clothes - again, and since they are still having a SALE and they reduced the price even more, i decided to go back and purchase a few things, plus,  i also went to a  Mac counter  and surprisingly, i got 2 items, an eyeshadow and a lipstick.

1) ZARA black and white tees - simple and comfy. really like the love design.
Fits perfectly and again comfy.

Originally Php 1,990, Reduced price Php 795, $18

2) ZARA Square Messenger Bag - I saw this photo of Mary Kate Olsen before i 
went to Zara, and when i saw this red bag i instantly remembered her uber chic and
casual outfit.

Originally Php 3,490, Reduced price Php 1,690, $18

pic from

3.)  MAC PATINA e/s and Sheen Supreme lipstick in ULTRA DARLING - yes, the ban
is not yet lifted, but this is an exemption. Exemption because i've been waiting for
this particular e/s (out of stock everytime i visit ), and would really like
to try their new lipstick formula. Patina e/s is like a bronzy taupe color with gold sheen to it,
 i can use this alone all over the lid, and can also be a crease color.
The lipstick is fab, love the formula, the color is like light rose pink petal color,very girly.

MAC E/S Php 900, $20

Overall, Im glad i finally got the Mac Patina e/s. It is a very beautiful eye color. The lipstick, maybe i have a similar shade but i really like the formula and the sleek packaging,and also the clik. 
I also LOVE the bag i got from Zara i never own anything like it, in shape and color.

Have a great day...                           hearts, jeng

Monday, July 25, 2011

What i want now? july edition

so what i really want now is this...
pic from google

YES, a white skinny jeans.
i think every girl should also have atleast one in her closet.

and as soon as i saw this picture, i've been wanting to get one.
simple,clean and chic looking.

what do you want now?

have a great day everyone.                           hearts,jeng

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Got something from Zara

That means a haul!

Went to Shangri-la Plaza mall ( my happy place )today and headed straight to Zara. Surprised to see that they are still on sale.

just to get the brown version of these. paid full price for these then saw they are now on sale. aarghh.

Php 1,990, $45
But instead, i got these

Orig Php 3,790 , $87 , Reduced Price Php 1,690 , $39

I never own a brown shoes, ow.  just one actually,a wedge from Nine West. Just need to get a new one. thought these are too cute and these are really comfy. love.

Orig Php 2,490, $ 57  , Reduced Price Php 1,390 , $32

I love light washed jeans,especially when paired with a white tee. So simple and clean looking. im loving Zara's jeans, fits very nice. The fabric is also a winner, soft and stretchy.

I'am so going back to Zara --- soon! asap! ha ha, and do some damage again. The price is  further  reduced  so might as well, shop for some more. oh no!, if only i just have all the money in the world! LOL!LOL!

hope you are all having a great day.

take care everyone.                        hearts, jeng

Friday, July 22, 2011

focco inspired handbags

Finally, got my hands on these handbags.

From SM Fashion Forum. The  brand is VIETA.

I did get the black one first then a day after, decided that i should get the camel one too, so there -- i got two new handbags.

VIETA DEYN HANDBAGS, Php 3,475 each, $79


I've seen this on displays like months ago, but not sure if i should get this or the other one.
The other one im talking about is from Alexander Wang that comes in huge price. ha ha.,
but made up my mind  and just get these instead of spending lots of money.

Ofcourse,since this is an inspired handbag/model , there are some similarities like the studs, side pockets and physical appearance but they differ in some points too, like the Vieta comes with a detachable strap ( a plus point for me) and  these are made of synthetic leather,but the material used is so soft and light. Im sure, the studs will soon tarnish,sad.

Overall, im very satisfied with what i bought and I'll be happy to carry them around.

Lately, im in this buying handbags mode and my husband is not liking it. LOL.

Have a gorgeous day.                hearts, jeng

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

chanel and nars haul

hi everyone.
wonder what  i bought  before i ban myself from buying any makeups?
i splurged. yes, anyway it would take awhile before i buy again, so here they are.

From Chanel and NARS.

WHAT are they?

1. Chanel eyelash curler (Php 1,250, $29) - i do own one from Shu Uemura and NARS but this is the one i truly love. Give me that sexy curled lashes in a sec.

2. Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Enigma (Php 3,050, $70) - the moment i saw that tutorial from Samantha of Pixiwoo, i knew i need this, so i went and bought it,and  i love it.

3. NARS Lovejoy blush - a very pretty warm  shade of blush that i like to use most of the time.

4. Chanel Quatuor Levres de Chanel in 10 Les Roses - all i know is these are pretty and gorgeous red and pink shades of  lipsticks, ok.

5. Chanel Quatuor Boutons de Chanel in Les Folies Noires - in short four dark eyeshadows for a smoky look.

6. Chanel VitaLumiere in 30 Cendre (Php 2,950, $67) - honestly, i regret buying this foundation. it is not what im looking for only that it is from Chanel, but im still giving it a try. Maybe the shade is a bit dark for me. Sad.

7. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Adorable (Php 1,750, $40)- what a cute name. a cute and girly pink shade.


i saw this hair dye last Sunday.
as soon as i saw her hair color, i bought it asap. simple and chic.
also i love her eyebrows and her makeup too.will keep the box.ha ha.

i applied this today.

Wonder what your recent makeup purchases are.

have a great day everyone.

till my next post pretties.                    hearts, jeng