Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's my Bday!

My birthday haul Yay!!
SEPT. 22 --- my birthday , im just so happy and excited. It is when you have the most acceptable excuse to spoil yourself  and splurge on things that you have been wanted to get - but i said to myself that
i will be a good girl this time ( no Lv's or anything expensive ), and im happy that i stick to my plan. No expensive stuff but still im happy with all the things i got.

These are the things i got for my bday. Happy bday to me,lol...

 so these are what i got from Bayo.  Bayo is a local brand in the Philippines. It is where i usually shop for clothes, and actually my favorite local brand.
white top Php 845
white cardigan about Php 795

Eversince FOREVER 21 landed in the Philippines, im obssessed ! that is the exact word to describe how i feel for this brand. I need to be there every week to shop ( crazy i know ), im just happy that they are finally here. Though im not a big fan of their bags and shoes, i adore their lines of clothing and accessories, specifically, their necklaces and rings.BUT until now, i dont own a pair of earrings from them.

skinny jeans Php 745.50

skinny jeans Php 745

white tee Php 795
cardigan Php 1,025
black tee Php 795
necklace about Php 895
ring about php 465 ; bracelet Php 695

necklace about Php 695

ZARA is also where i usually shop,though not as much as often i would like, it is expensive like Topshop (in our country). i literally love everything i see in their store, lol, they are so pretty, but i always love their handbags. When i saw this one, i thought this is so chic and very easy to carry.  love.
black handbag Php 3,790
I'VE been eyeing for this scarf for so longggg... Whats stopping me? The price! it was Php 5,250 ! can you believe it, but okay, it is juicy couture ofcourse. Happily, for my recent visit, it is marked down, got it for only Php 780 haha . OMG im so going back to get the other version in color peach.

scarf  Php 780
I saw Tiffany (a you tube guru,MakeupbyTiffanyD) wearing this necklace, hers is from House of Harlow, the original one, so when i found this--what a  a good dupe. Happiness! This is  $125 from House of Harlow website , i got mine for Php 480 or about $10.

Jean & Rosz necklace P 480

till next post. xo, jeng

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