Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My beauty must have for September

EPI  FACE  by  kivey
Unwanted hair specifically on my upper lip is a no, no...

i dont like it at all, actually i hate it.

mine grew so fast that after 3 days of having them removed they'll show up

again. grrr..

for years i have been using a Wax removal kit (Sally Hansen Php 490), or if i have

time, i visit my favorite salon to have them removed (Php 250) by threading --

which by the way, i remembered made me cry the first time i tried it, but i need

it so i have to get used to it.

but the Wax Strips sometimes leave a small wound, threading is ok, but i still

need to go to a salon.

until I saw this product at Beauty Bar Shang

Epi Face Php 1,650

this is how you use this product

the instruction says...

1.  Bend the epiface downward to form an inverted U shape and place the epiface where facial hair is to be removed.

2.  With your thumbs, roll the handles inwards and outwards in a continous motion
while moving the epiface up and down and removing your hair from the roots.

This is a better option in my opinion, it is very easy to use, i can even

take it with me anywhere, and i can use it anytime i want. It is priced at Php

1,650 but then, if i sum up all the money i spent in threading and Wax strip kit,

this one is still much cheaper. like with threading, you can also feel the ouch !!

but again, i also got used to it now.

To sum it up, I'am happy and satisfied with this product. this is a must have for

me. Now i can remove all the unwanted hair i hate to see on my face instantly.

this scores 10 for me.

Have you tried this product? how do you remove your unwanted facial hair?

till next post. xo -- jeng

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  1. That product seems interesting. I hope I can try it one time :)