Sunday, October 3, 2010

something brilliant

finally !

so i've been in search for a pump.

yes, a pump !

for my MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation ---- for so long.

Come on MAC, why not include a pump on that product ???

Sad to say, our MAC counters (Philippines) dont have them yet, so our option is 

to order online, but i dont like to order online, i just dont do that. what to do?

if you are like me, the best thing to do is to look for alternatives.

 MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation & NO PUMP !

As i was looking for a hand cream, i saw this one from Lush. it is their Helping

Hands and it comes with a pump ! so i bought it thinking and hoping that it would

-- fit.

LUSH Helping Hands 45g. Php 375.00, Shangri la Mall 
un - pumped !

happily, it did ! yay ! now it is much better.

 pumped !
the pump is a great help, now i can get just the right amount of product i need.

no more mess and very hygenic. you already know how it is, right.

till next post.  xo, --  jeng

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  1. Hahaha so innovative!! I have been thinking of trying M.A.C foundations because I have heard of so many positive things about them. Maybe I will go around to trying it sometime.
    I am a new follower =)