Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Good Reads

What your clothes say about you
  by: Trinny & Susannah

This is the book that im reading most of the time. Been getting many ideas and tips on how to dress better. This book encouraged me to be more properly dressed, be it casual, work related or a little dressy for a dinner date.

Women of all ages will learn so much from this book.

got this on sale for only (around) P295 orinally P 1,075(hard bound copy), NATIONAL BOOKSTORE
Why look like this ?

when you can look like this ?

Just to show you some of the pages

This book also give ideas for  finishing touches like proper makeup, shoes, handbags, intimate wear,accessories (AND SO MUCH MORE) to go with your outfit.

i love reading this book. this book is amazing.

what book are you currently reading?

till next post beauties.        xo -- jeng

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  1. That book is nice and such a great bargain :) I'm not currently reading any book but the last book I finished is Mockingjay :)