Sunday, October 3, 2010

food trip

what's for meryenda?

meryenda ? snacks or inbetween meals, i mean.

if you are in the Philippines, and living around Pasig area, i bet you already

know this Panciteria. Ado's Panciteria. A very known Panciteria in Pasig.

pancit guisado  is their bestseller. it is very tasty, satisfying, and ow...

the best pancit i've ever tried and tasted.

Pancit Guisado is what we ordered, so to give you some idea ...

Ado's Panciteria single order Php 40.00
wrapped in banana leaf
may be good for 2, but depending on how much you can eat, lol

call them.


till next post.  xo --  jeng

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