Tuesday, July 19, 2011

chanel and nars haul

hi everyone.
wonder what  i bought  before i ban myself from buying any makeups?
i splurged. yes, anyway it would take awhile before i buy again, so here they are.

From Chanel and NARS.

WHAT are they?

1. Chanel eyelash curler (Php 1,250, $29) - i do own one from Shu Uemura and NARS but this is the one i truly love. Give me that sexy curled lashes in a sec.

2. Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Enigma (Php 3,050, $70) - the moment i saw that tutorial from Samantha of Pixiwoo, i knew i need this, so i went and bought it,and  i love it.

3. NARS Lovejoy blush - a very pretty warm  shade of blush that i like to use most of the time.

4. Chanel Quatuor Levres de Chanel in 10 Les Roses - all i know is these are pretty and gorgeous red and pink shades of  lipsticks, ok.

5. Chanel Quatuor Boutons de Chanel in Les Folies Noires - in short four dark eyeshadows for a smoky look.

6. Chanel VitaLumiere in 30 Cendre (Php 2,950, $67) - honestly, i regret buying this foundation. it is not what im looking for only that it is from Chanel, but im still giving it a try. Maybe the shade is a bit dark for me. Sad.

7. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Adorable (Php 1,750, $40)- what a cute name. a cute and girly pink shade.


i saw this hair dye last Sunday.
as soon as i saw her hair color, i bought it asap. simple and chic.
also i love her eyebrows and her makeup too.will keep the box.ha ha.

i applied this today.

Wonder what your recent makeup purchases are.

have a great day everyone.

till my next post pretties.                    hearts, jeng

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