Friday, July 22, 2011

focco inspired handbags

Finally, got my hands on these handbags.

From SM Fashion Forum. The  brand is VIETA.

I did get the black one first then a day after, decided that i should get the camel one too, so there -- i got two new handbags.

VIETA DEYN HANDBAGS, Php 3,475 each, $79


I've seen this on displays like months ago, but not sure if i should get this or the other one.
The other one im talking about is from Alexander Wang that comes in huge price. ha ha.,
but made up my mind  and just get these instead of spending lots of money.

Ofcourse,since this is an inspired handbag/model , there are some similarities like the studs, side pockets and physical appearance but they differ in some points too, like the Vieta comes with a detachable strap ( a plus point for me) and  these are made of synthetic leather,but the material used is so soft and light. Im sure, the studs will soon tarnish,sad.

Overall, im very satisfied with what i bought and I'll be happy to carry them around.

Lately, im in this buying handbags mode and my husband is not liking it. LOL.

Have a gorgeous day.                hearts, jeng


  1. These are so beautiful! The quality looks amazing too.

  2. @Discovering Beauty,yeah,im so happy got these. tnx so much. I love reading your blog. Take care.