Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Splurge vs Save

I would like to start this kind of post wherein i will feature two similar items.
Two similar items but different in price tag.
it is up to you to choose.
will you Splurge or Save?

unto our first product feature.

A red square bag.


I saw this photo of  Mary Kate Olsen ( or could be Ashley) from x17online.com carrying a very eyecathing bag. It says that it is from their very own brand, The Row, that costs a whopping $4000. The bag is said to be  made of  ostrich leather. 


When i went to ZARA, i luckily saw this bag (last piece they have). I instantly remembered the photo of Olsen (above).This bag is made of synthetic leather.  I am just so thrilled when i saw the price tag. Originally price Php 3,490 or around $80, but it is on sale so i got it for only Php1690 or $39. Awesome.

So the question is, Splurge or Save?

Have a great day,everyone.                                                hearts, jeng

1 comment:

  1. Save!! I imagine in this series that will always be my option. I love handbags but something like this isn’t worth $4000