Thursday, June 23, 2011

Im going BACK TO MAC

Im thinking of going back to MAC. Not to buy anything but would return 6 empty packaging, and would get to pick a new lipstick in return. 

honestly, i just have finished 2, the studio fix powder and a plushlash mascara which im going to repurchase when i run out, they are in my must have list. 

 I just melted 4 lipsticks which i hardly use- never used. These 4 are actually whats in my regret buying list.

after melting.... look  how pretty the colors are, but when i put this on my lips, they are not that flattering on me, maybe for some girls.envy them, coz i just love the shades.

here are the six mac packaging i'll be returning...

i still dont know what shade of lipstick im going to pick. any suggestion?

till next post. have a fab day.             xo, jeng


  1. I never knew. May back to MAC din sa Philippines? :D I guess I should start keeping my empty Mac products.

  2. @ CATMARE HI, sad to say but MAC in the Phiippines dont carry BACK TO MAC anymore, i'll just bring this with me when i go abroad. It's pretty unfair for us. THANKS for visiting and following my blog. take care.