Monday, June 20, 2011

Project Pan : The Realization

Tell me. how much makeup a girl should have in her makeup stash?

        like this???                                                                 

or this?

I studied my makeup stash last night, and realized that i have so much. i also realized that i have my most favorite items which i use most of the time, but sadly, there are also some that i rarely touch, and never been touched. , i thought that this is a good idea, why not make a list of the items i mostly use,and  -- it only mean one thing, those are just  what i need.

            THE LIST                                                        
1. Foundation - i have like 7 liquid foundations and 3 powder foundations but this two are my most used.
Nars Sheer Glow in PUNJAB
MAC Studio fix in NC 35
2. Eyeshadow base - a dual purpose, an eyeshadow or a base. if im in a hurry, i just usually put this all over my lids. I really like the paintpots from MAC, you can wear them on alone, or as a base. I also have painterly, rubenesque,indianwood,constructivist and fresco rose. This particular one is Bare Study, which i constantly use.
MAC Paintpot in Bare Study
3. Bronzer - i can go out even without this, but i prefer to have on.
MAC Refined Golden bronzer
4. Eyeshadow - this palette is a practical choice, it has a neutral shades  for daytime, and dark shade for a night look. this one is awesome.
MAC smoke and mirrors eyeshadows
5. Eyeliners - i do have like 10 pencils and 4 liquids, but these are what i mostly reached for.
MAYBELLINE white eyeliner
PRESTIGE eyeliner pencil and liquid in black
AVON eyeliner in brown
Avon brown, PRESTIGE liquid in black, PRESTIGE pencil in black
and Maybelline in white
6. Mascara - a must have for me, since i am not blessed to have a long and thick lashes, i rely on mascaras. on hand i have 10, 4 unopened and the rest i also use sometimes, but this 1 is my mostly reached for mascara, mgive me that look that im wearing fake lashes.
LOREAL ultra -volume collagene mascara
7. Lipsticks - i chose 4 shades. yes, just 4 shades! in reality, i only need a nude, pink, red and some bronzy shade for summer, and ow i forgot to include my corally shade like my Mac Jazzed, Dressmaker Dressmaker
and Ravishing which i love.
NARS blonde venus, MAC bombshell, MAC  Ruby Woo
and CLINIQUE in a nutshell

NARS blonde venus, MAC bombshell, MAC  Ruby Woo,
CLINIQUE  in a nutshell
8. Lipglosses - i usually skip this one, but i think i should imclude this. picked this colors to match my lipsticks.
all from REVLON, Peach Petale, Pink Whisper, Afterglow and
Toast to shine
9. Blushers - i also picked up 4 shades, to match my lipsticks.
MAC Blushers in Trace Gold
and Well Dressed
NARS blushers in Orgasm and  Dolce Vita
10. Concealers, Face Powder and Highlighter - these 3 are a must have for me.
THE BALM Mary Lou Manizer highlighter,
MAC Studio fix concealer, ,MAC select moisturecover, and
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in medium
As you can see, this might seem too many, but i realized that what i really need is something i can use for just basic looks,like for daytime and nightime, for simple occasions or to formal events- these stuffs is just enough for me.

I still  love my collection, but for now, i should use and enjoy them first before adding up.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Would you consider doing project pan? Glad i did.

till next post. have a fab day.                           xo, jeng

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