Saturday, June 25, 2011

Travel Memories : HongKong and Guangzhou China

Went to Hongkong twice last February. The first trip was with my husband's family side and the second trip was with my sister and her husband,but we headed also to Guangzhou China to buy some materials that my sister uses for her clothing business.
 The weather in HongKong(february) was winter and gave me a chance to experience that kind of weather since here in the Philippines we only have summer and rainy season, so i got to experience winter, maybe not that cold compare with countries like Europe, U.S.A that is really cold, in Guangzhou, China it was so freaking cold during our visit, and still i really enjoyed the weather.

Here are some pictures of our trip. I used my iphone4 for this shots, and are    pretty decent to me.
                                     SOME OF MY  HONGKONG SHOTS

my kiddo,he enjoyed this trip so much.

my bro-in-law and my sister

                          SOME OF MY GUANGZHOU,CHINA
I didnt take so much picture when we were in China.

Travelling is very tiring but i really enjoy it. Would love to travel soon. Im thinking of going to Singapore and  Korea. maybe i should go first to Korea as my cousin,who lives there would love me to visit her.

What country have you visited?

till next post.have a fab day.          xo,jeng