Saturday, June 25, 2011

What i want now !!!

What i want now ? ? ?

Everytime i clean and organize  my closet, sure headache !!!
My closet is so small (? or because too much stuff)and i only have limited shelves, that's why iam having a hard time putting all my stuff inside.  CHAOS.

How i wish i have this. AS IN NOW!!!
(pics - got them from web,thanks google)

YES, a walk in closet. This is so nice, my stuff will surely fit in those. I can see easily my shoes in display, my shirts,tees, arranged into style,color coded,All my jeans are  properly hanged or folded,my accessories on the table, a large mirror, a good lighting, Wow!!

I better start planning , honey where are you? Take a look at this.

till next post,have  gorgeous day. byeee      xo, jeng


  1. I would like to have a walk in closet too! :)

  2. @catmare, im not alone ! i think it's every girls dream.