Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blisters no more.

Meet my JESSICA flat shoes. 
It all started here.

I bought this pair last year, but i just wore them like -- once. Yes, once.
Pretty and cute, but the reality, this pair in NOT COMFORTABLE  at all.
Got  terrible blisters after wearing this shoes.sad.

I can still remember,  the last time i wore these, my feet was hurting so bad that  my husband went back to our car just to get my slippers (to the rescue).It was then that i saw some blisters. ughh.
that  was the first and last time  i wore them.

... But, i paid like Php 4,000 (on sale) or about $95 for this pair just to keep them inside the box.

When i was looking for a shoe insert (for my sons shoes) ,  i saw a heel grip that you can put inside the shoe to protect your foot from blisters.(WOW! didnt know theres such product like this!)
 So i purchased a pair ,tried it, liked it and it is a success.
yay! no more blisters.

PAYLESS SHOE STORE  Php 195 or about $ 5
attached !
bought some more for my other closed shoes. finally, i can wear them all.

nice and comfy, get ready for some girly outfit
Glad i saw this product.

do you have some issues with shoes?

till next post. have a fab day.                         xo, jeng

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